Friday, December 18, 2009

Slots are limited for Team Training

Its time to sign up for team training!!! Dr Creer, Eric Ellis, and myself have worked hard to put together two different training programs both of which will require a minimum of 5 hours per week to complete. Both programs will start tentatively Jan. 6th and run for 8 weeks. Count on aprox. 4 total hours of testing split up over 6 days. 3 of which will be Jan 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, (first week back of school) and the other 3 will be 8 weeks later.
Here is the rundown:

Fitness testing pre and post both training programs which will include:
Hydrostatic body fat analysis
20 minute power output test
VO2 max test
Wingate test (sprint power output)

Training program #1
5 hours per week endurance type training
This training can be any type of training you prefer from running to cross country skiing, to biking or snowshoeing. As long as you get a minimum of 5 hours per week in and you are working in a moderate aerobic intensity it will be sufficient.

Training program #2
2 sessions a week of instructed weight training (aprox 1 hour each)
3 hours per week endurance type training (same restrictions as previously stated)

If you choose the second training program, it is mandatory to lift our prescribed workout ONLY! It is also vital that regardless the program you decide, that you stick with it. 5 hours per week is a minimal amount of training if your goals are to be competitive in the spring. Flexibility will be allowed if you want to spend more hours doing endurance activities.
The testing involved is well over $300 per person if you go anywhere else. (it will cost you nothing).
We have a lot of people volunteering their personal time for this project so please consider it carefully before making a commitment.
Please contact me with any question either by leaving a comment or by phone.

Patrick Terry
Vice President of Team

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

BBQ time and place Change

UVU Cyclists,

The BBQ tonight has been moved to Pat's home in Mapleton. His address is at the bottom and we will start at 7pm. The rest of the details are the same.

888 Crescent
Mapleton, Utah
Pat Terry  (801) 898-1000

Monday, December 7, 2009

Team Meeting and BBQ

Thanks to all who cast a vote in the club election. In case you were wondering, here is the basic set up of the club/team:

Andrew Creer  (Advisor)
Dan Woodward (President)
Pat Terry (Vice President of Team)
          Andy Earl (Road Team Captain)
          Eric Ellis  (Mountain Team Captain)
          Joe Johnson (Cyclocross Team Captain)
Mason Law (Vice President of Club)
          Jeff Wilson (Club Co-Captain)
          Eric Peterson (Club Co-Captain)
Mike Woodward (Public Relations Director)
Andy Earl (Marketing Director)
Joel Broadbent (Webmaster)
Matt Wilson (Treasurer)

We have another opportunity to hang out at the Wilson home for a BBQ. This will take place on Wednesday December 9th at 6:30 pm. Not only will we have burgers, but we'll have more T-shirts. Pat was able to get us a new T-shirt vendor which is much cheaper for the club. These T-shirts are the same design, but on a black T-Shirt. Word on the street is they're pretty sweet lookin'. You can buy one Wednesday for just $5. After Wednesday these black T-shirts are going to be $12 like all the rest. So come have a burger and get a cool new shirt.

Wilson Home
453 North Palisades Drive

Mason Law

Friday, November 20, 2009


Just a reminder that you need to get into Dr. Creer's office and vote for team and club leaders before Thanksgiving break! Go in this week when you have a chance and fill out a ballot!

Remember to always wear a helmet!


Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Club/Team BBQ

There will be no group ride this week. The weather is not looking so nice on Thursday. As a replacement to the ride we will be having a BBQ at Matt Wilson's home. This is not part of the volunteer BBQ's we are doing, so don't worry we won't ask you to grill. We just ask you to come and have a good time. Here's all the info you need:

Matt Wilson's
453 North Palisade
Orem, Utah

Thursday November, 12th
7 - 9ish

This BBQ is short notice and we know it. We would like everyone there so we can discuss the race calendar in the spring, along with the Winter Training Camp and team kits.

Thanks again to all who have been helping out with fundraising. If you have T-shirts checked out, please bring back the money as soon as you get it.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Group rides.

It is simple...come on group rides. Why? because they are awesome. Tonight we did South Fork and it was beautiful. We even happened upon a moose and her calf. There aren't many more of these this year so get out while you still can.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Meeting for Team Members

There will be a meeting for those interested in participating in Team Racing this Fall and Spring at SBR Sports on Thursday at 7:30pm.
We will hopefully have water bottles and t-shirts for you to pick up if you have paid your club dues.
We will also have the ride schedules and phone numbers sheets for those of you who have paid dues. If you have not paid dues you need to before Wednesday night if you want to be on the contact and ride schedule sheet!!!
If you cannot make it to the meeting we will be e-mailing the ride sheet and contact list to everyone who has paid their club dues.
The meeting will be an intro to the shop and shop owner, Kyle, who is our team sponsor. We will ask him if he will say a few words and let you know about how he can help us out. If you haven't met him I would encourage you to come to the meeting or slip by the shop soon.
We will also talk about future racing plans, cyclocross season, and fundraising and service events that we will be hosting and participating in for the rest of the semester.
The meeting should be about an hour long (after we get everyone there - so try and be on time).
Please make every possible effort to be in attendance on Thursday.
Thanks guys! Keep riding hard!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Cyclocross Introduction Ride & Clinic

Cross season is fast approaching and we are looking forward to fielding a team for our local cyclocross race series.
Cross is THE ticket for those of you wanting to get into racing on the road in the spring-time.
On Thursday night at 6pm we will be meeting at Campus (I'll update the location soon) for a short cross clinic, demonstration and ride. We will have a couple of guys who have cross experience there to answer questions, and talk about racing. We will also have information about converting your road bike to race cross or using a mountain bike.
Bring your bicycle and jump some barriers or learn to dismount and remount on the run! Cross bikes and mountain bikes if you have them. If you don't have one yet, bring your road bike, you can still learn a ton!
If you have any interest in cross racing come out Thursday night and have some fun with us!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Wednesday night ride

Pat Terry is organizing a team ride Wednesday night at 8 pm meeting at his house and riding up Hobblecreek canyon on brand new pavement. He has a few extra lights but bring whatever you can. It will be about a 2 hour ride, out and back. If you want to go or have any questions let Pat know 801-898-1000

Saturday, September 19, 2009


We are going to be doing the ULCER ride tonight in the dark!

The ride is about 100 miles in length, so come prepared for a long one.

There will be a support car driving with us for food for the UVU guys. We are planning on about 10-12 guys.

Bring a light for your helmet or bike (or both) and a red taillight. We don't want anyone hit by a car, or riding into giant pot holes.

We will be meeting at the east parking lot (just to the east of the Computer Science Building and the UVU airplane.) at 6 PM.

Plan on being 6 hours on the road.

I think that we are going to ride the course counter-clockwise (the opposite of the normal ULCER route).

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

1000 Warriors a Success for UVU Team!

We had a great day on Saturday, all things considered.
Eric Ellis beat the Cat 5C Field into submission on the climb to Snowbird and took the win by more than 8 1/2 minutes! Amazing ride!
We also had Andy, Pat, Joel, Bonn, Christian, Mason and Ian all race well.

We have most of the water bottles that we recovered from the race over at SBR. If you took bottles and were wondering what may have happened to them after the race, go in and see if they have made their way to SBR. (Likewise, if you have bottles that don't belong to you take them in). I know that there were a bunch from Eric and Joel there.

Mason, pick up your cooler at SBR.

All of the racers need to pay Dan $8.00 for the musette bags. Katie Woodward (Mike's wife) made the bags and Dan payed for the materials. We would like to be able to compensate Kate for her time and pay for the bags. If you still have musette bags take them into SBR, Dr. Creer's office, or give them to Mason or Dan so that we can use them in future events.

Be sure to thank Kyle and all of the guys at SBR for the work that they do for the team and for the sponsorship, deals and work that we receive. I know that Kyle is a friend of most of you already, and if you don't know him you should. So stop in and tell him you appreciate all they do for us.

Here are a few pictures of the race taken by Dr. Creer and Kyle out of the team car.

Eric Ellis (in blue jersey) and Andy Earl with the leaders above Sundance on the Alpine Loop.

Andy grabs a food break in the lead group on Alpine Loop.

Andy (3rd) and Eric (4th) are climbing well near the 3k to go mark on the Loop.

Andy in the aspen trees, followed by Eric.

1k to the KOM on the Alpine Loop.

Alpine Loop KOM - Andy and Eric in the lead Group.

Climbing Suncrest.

Eric and Andy lead a select group of remaining riders to the top of Suncrest.

Andy working hard with Eric on the final 8% grade of Suncrest.

Four remain after the Suncrest decent - pulling on Highland Drive.

Eric leads the last contender around the corner onto the Little Cottonwood Canyon climb to Snowbird...

...And attacks, dropping him in the first 100 yards!

Eric catching Bonn from the Cat 4 group. Bonn would finish in an excellent 6th place.

Bonn contemplating "Selling his soul for water" as the LCC Devil taunts.

Eric climbs to victory.

Andy crossing the line in 12th place 21:29 down from Eric - a great ride!

Pat finishes the race at Snowbird.

Thank you to all who helped make the ride a success for UVU.

Thank you to Kyle and Dr. Creer for driving the team car, taking care of last minute repair issues, and "feeding the horses" during the race.

A big thank you to Bonn's family, and fiancee for running feed zones.
Mason's brother and "that girl he's dating" - Sara Ashley, did great driving a SAG vehicle for the fast boys on the team.

Kat, Pat's fiancee and her family also drove a SAG car for Pat, Joel and Dan - A special thank you to Kat for giving me that last musette bag on the Alpine Loop, I definitely would not have suffered through that climb without the food in there!

And the biggest "ooh-rah" goes out to Mike for making the ride possible for the UVU team. Way to go Mike, we missed having you on the roads suffering with us!

We hope that this ride will continue into the future.

Our best wishes are with the riders (and their families) injured in the crashes on the Alpine Loop decent and at the mouth of American Fork Canyon. We hope and pray you have a full and speedy recovery.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

1000 Warriors Information

Its almost time!
And we have a lot to do this week.

1st order of business:
We are racing at 6:50am and we are Cat 5 - C flite.
We have been granted a follow car for the race but we have three stipulations we must follow. 1. the car must follow the leaders of the race and cannot lag behind to other riders (those guys will have a van at the back to provide for mechanical and broom wagon duties). Since we plan on being in that group this should not be a big deal. 2. The follow car is to act as a "neutral wheel vehicle" and carry spare wheels provided by riders from the whole group in a first come, first served manner. This means only 8-10 sets or until the car is full. That should not be a big deal either. 3. The car can only provide SAG and food/water support for team riders in designated SAG hand-up and feed zones. (get a bottle if you flat while the car services you).

We benefit from having the car in several ways: We insure that the leaders of our team do not flat out and loose time due to punctures or simple mechanicals. We also insure that they are not missing feed zones and musette bags or water etc, because they can get hand-ups from the team car in the designated zones. We can also get tactical advice from the car during SAG and neutral zones.

Dr. Creer will most likely be driving this car.

Second manner of business:
We need several volunteers that are not riding the race to help in the feed zones by handing-up water and food to riders and giving time gap information.
What we need is 3 or 4 folks who feel confident enough to hand musette bags to riders without knocking them off of their bikes!
They will travel from Park City in team cars following the SAG vehicle route to the feed zones in Midway, Sundance, Alpine, Draper, and Little Cottonwood Canyon. Once we arrive at the finish they will have bags for the riders with clothes and food and hopefully be able to provide rides for our guys and their bikes back to Park City.
If you can do this we really need you to volunteer! Talk to Dan or Mason or Dr. Creer and leave a message here if you can!

Number Three:
Packets for riders are going to be available from 3-8:00pm on Thursday the 20th at Canyon Sports in Sandy (106th and State St.). You have to pick up your own packet unless you download the "2009 USA Cycling Event Release Form" and SIGN IT IN INK OR BLOOD and send the original to Canyon Sports with someone else to pick up your packet. You can also get the packet on Friday in Park City Before 8:00pm (see the 1000 Warriors page). But, YOU MUST PICK UP YOUR PACKET!!!
READ THE RACE BIBLE on the 1000 Warriors page to familiarize yourself with the course and the SAG/Feed Zones.

Number Four:
Mason may have connections for us to stay in Park City as a team on Friday - stay tuned for updates in the next two days or so.

Number Five:
Racers need to provide us with food and water bottles to stock your musette bags by Friday. Make a list of what stuff you want where, and we will do our best to get it to you at the right times during the race. Contact Dan or Mason.
Remember that it could be cold at 6:00am on Saturday and it may get nippy coming down AF Canyon so you may want to have sleeves, knees and/or a vest that you can drop off in the feed zone in Alpine or hand-up to the team car (if you are still in the lead group).

That is it for now! We need to get this stuff sorted by Thursday so that we can focus on the details for the race on Friday and Saturday.
Call Dan Mason or Dr. Creer if you can help us out in any way - especially at the SAG and feed zones and giving rides back to Park City!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

heritage school gauntlet ride

The Heritage School in Provo is hosting a ride of the Provo Canyon "Gauntlet" ride this Saturday, and we have been invited to attend as a team.
The ride will cost us $10.00 a piece, and starts in Provo at 8am.
The ride goes up the canyon, turns up Squaw Peak, goes to Vivian and South Fork and then up Sundance to the Alpine Summit. From there we have the option of heading down AF Canyon and up Suncrest, or turning around and going back to Provo.
I think that it will be a good "dry run" of the killer climb of the 1000 Warriors course, and a good training ride for those who are doing the 1000 Warriors race.
Let me know if there is interest in doing this ride so we can get signed up in the next few days.

Friday, July 31, 2009

polo shirts for team/club members

Polo shirts are now available.
There are pictures in the blog below if you want to see what they look like.
The fabric is similar to Nike's Dry Fit fabric and the polo fits like their Golf line. For reference, Dan fits into a large size, and Mason is a medium.
These will only be available for a very short period of time and then you will have to wait until we re-order (I think somewhere around the middle or end of fall semester), so if you want one you need to get one now.
They cost $32.00, and you need to get your money to Dan by Friday the 7th of August.
If you would like to order one let me know what size you want, and get your money to me by calling me at (801)369-2462 or replying to this post.
Remember I need to know by the 7th and have payment in hand or you will have to wait until our next order.

By the way, hats are in the works and will be available for $16.00-20.00 in the next couple of weeks. (before 1000 warriors)

Saturday, July 25, 2009

UVU Cycling Club Officers

It is almost time to elect new officers for the 2009-2010 school year.

We need to elect at least three new officers:
A Vice President, a Secretary/Webmaster, and a Treasurer.

The Vice President needs to have at least 12 credit hours each semester this coming year, and should preferably be an underclassmen that can take over the presidency of the cycling team next year (and begin training the next VP to do the same in 2011). The VP will be the most involved and time consuming position of the three, and will have similar duties to the president of the club. These duties include continuing the progress of the cycling club at UVU by:
-Planning and hosting events, races and training.
-Communicating with USA Cycling and planning the Collegiate Racing seasons.
-Attending meetings with our Club Advisor and other club officers.
-Planning service projects and school special events such as club rush.
-Many other duties as specified by the president and club advisor.

The Secretary/Webmaster will be involved with the management of all communications within the club and team (e-mails, contact lists, etc) and the upkeep of the new Cycling Club and Team Webpage.
They will also be responsible for the marketing and advertising needs of the club and team. (This includes the distribution of printed material to club members and creating and posting race/event fliers).

The Treasurer of the Club will be responsible for the accounting of the club funds. They will be responsible for coordinating with the club advisor and school officials, vendors, sponsors, and others concerning funding for club and team events and equipment. They will oversee (under the direction of the president and club advisor) the ordering of club equipment, jerseys and other items and insuring their distribution to club and team members. They will also be responsible for collecting and recording money for the club produced through fund raising and other special events.

What we need to do at this time is create a ballot for voting at an upcoming team meeting. In order to do this we need nominations. What we would like to do is have everyone post their nominations for the three positions in this post over the next week. You can nominate yourself (in fact, we want to encourage this because it insures that you actually WANT to be an official) or you can nominate someone else. We need to take this seriously though! The future of the cycling club depends on it!
If you are nominated by someone else we will contact you before putting your name on the ballot to insure that you are willing to serve in the position you have been nominated for.

We are not voting for these positions now! We are just accepting nominations for the positions. Once someone has been nominated for a position we do not need to nominate them again - unless they are being nominated for a different position. We will compile a ballot and members of the club and team will vote anonymously in an upcoming team meeting.

Crank it to eleven!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Tour of Utah Volunteers

The Tour of Utah is looking for some people to volunteer at a few of the stages and be "Race Experts". You would watch the race and be a well of information for anyone who had questions about cycling. If you would like to help out contact Terry Mcginnis via You will get a sweet T-shirt and a good view of the race. If you want to help out in another way let me know (Mike) and I'll tell you where to go, we really need some course marshals for the Nebo, and Snowbird stage again you will get some cool SWAG. Thanks

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Team polo shirts, and vote for your favorite ball cap

Here are some pictures of the new team polo shirts:

The front:

The back:

The two ball cap choices; vote for your favorite by entering a post below.

I have the samples for the ball caps and polo shirts now, and I need your help deciding what version of cap we like more. Vote for the one you like more either the "wolverine" or the "UV cycling team" versions. There is no rule stating we can't do both of them, but we would like to be able to sell one, and maybe keep one for team members only, I don't know yet. Both of these caps will retail for $19.95, and If we put another logo on the back they will be $24.95. We could also do a non-flexfit cap for around $15.95 to sell and keep the flexfit for team members. Let me know what you guys want, and which design you like more.

I will let you know when we can start ordering polo's and how much they will be in the next few days (as soon as I get pricing etc...).

Friday, July 3, 2009

2009 Tour de France Ride-Along

Ever wonder if you could ride with the pros?

For the last few years I have been doing a Tour de France ride along. The idea is to ride a set percentage of the Tour mileage every day for the whole Tour. When the Tour does mountains, you do a mountain stage - when the Tour TT's, you TT, etc... Last year I did 1/3rd of the mileage of the Tour, the year before I did 1/2 the mileage.

These have been some of the most incredible days I have spent on the bike. After three weeks of riding "Tour stages" you really begin to feel a greater appreciation of what it means to be a pro cyclist. It makes watching the Tour a completely different experience as well - as if you were almost there.

While this is certainly not for everyone (some of you might think it a little goofy), I have a lot of fun with it, and it gives me really good fitness for the late summer and fall season (which includes the 1000 Warriors for some of us). So, I am inviting all who would like to give this a go - to do it!

The plan is simple -

1. Decide how much time you have to ride (make a bargain with the wife, ride to work or school, get up earlier or buy a bike light and go at night).
2. Based upon step one choose your mileage: 1/5th, 1/4, 1/3, 1/2, 3/4, or do the whole thing. I would choose whichever one you think you can do and then go up one step (you can always go back to the original plan if things go bad, but the challenge to get through is part of the fun).
3. Use the Tour stages to calculate your mileage (divide by 1.6 to get miles from KM), and ride terrain that mimics the stage (mountains, rolling, flats, TT).
4. Watch the Tour, and repeat the next day.

You rest on rest days - or if you are not riding on Sundays, shift your rest day to the closest Sunday. On days with a TT you can ride the TT in the morning and a stage in the evening to give yourself a day off on the following day (or a Sunday). Days that you are actually racing you count as your stage for the day etc... Basically set yourself some rules and follow them, but try to set them to be a challenge.

This can be a lot of fun, and a good way to get into form, or to push your fitness to the next level. Hopefully we get a few team guys doing it and we can do some stages together. Here is the tour stage list so you can formulate your plans!

2009 Tour de France Stages:

1 Sat. July 4 Monaco 15.5 km TT
2 Sun. July 5 Monaco to Brignoles 187 km Rolling
3 Mon July 6 Marseille to La Grande-Motte 196 km Flat
4 Tues. July 7 montpilier 39 km TTT
5 Wed. July 8 Le Cap d’Agde to Perpignan 196 km Flat
6 Thur. July 91 Girona to Barcelona 181 km Rolling
7 Fri. July 10 Barcelona to Arcalis 224 km Mountains-HC
8 Sat. July 11 Andorra-la Vella to Saint Girons 176 km Mountains-Cat 1 (x2)
9 Sun. July 12 Saint Gaudens to Tarbes 160 km Mountains-HC

R Mon. July 13 Rest day in Limoges
10 Tues. July 14 Limonges to Issoudun 194 km Flat
11 Wed. July 15 Vatan to Saint-Frageau 192 km Flat
12 Thur. July 16 Tonnerre to Vittel 211 km Flat
13 Fri. July 17 Vittel to Colmar 200 km Mountains-Cat 1
14 Sat. July 18 Colmar to Besancon 199 Rolling
15 Sun. July 19 Pontarlier to Verbier 207 km Mountains-Cat 1

R Mon. July 20 Rest day in Verbier
16 Tues. July 21 Martigny to Bourg-Saint-Maurice 159 km Mountains-HC
17 Wed. July 22 Bourg-St-Maurice to Le Grand Bornand 169 km Mountains-Cat 1 (x4)
18 Thur. July 23 Annecy 40.5 km TT
19 Fri. July 24 Bourgoin-Jallieu to Aubenas 178 km Rolling (one Cat 2)
20 Sat. July 25 Montelimar to Mont-Ventoux 167 km Mountains-HC
21 Sun. July 26 Montereau-Fault-Yonne to Paris 164 Flat

Total Distance 3455 km

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

4th of July morning ride

We are thinking of doing a Saturday 9am ride on the 4th of July. The plan is either Emigration Canyon in SLC or Hobble Creek Canyon in Springville. We thought that Emigration Canyon might be fun because we had not done it with the team. But either way, we want to ride Saturday morning. Mason asked me to post this up here on the blog so that we can get a good idea of who can come and what ride people would prefer. So, when you see this post up a comment with your preference, and the majority will rule.
The Hobble Creek ride will be the same as before. We will meet at Campus in the parking lot at the top of the hill (across form the Computer Sci. Building where we were meeting for Saturday rides in the spring). The ride will go down Orem Main Street to 8th north Provo and then out to Utah Lake. We then turn East and back across Provo toward Springville. Ride up and down the canyon and return via the Provo foothills and 9th East to 8th south Orem and back to campus (I think this was 50-55 miles last time we rode it).
The Emigration Ride will meet just south of the SLC Hogle Zoo parking lot on Sunnyside Ave. and go up Emigration, down toward Parley's Canyon from the summit and then turn left on highway 65 and go up to the Big Mountain summit (about 5 more miles up highway 65).
"So let it be written, so let it be done."

Here is a random David Clinger picture.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Legs Aflame

Pain... as much fun as yesterday was, that is the only word that can encompass the whole event. Eric, Mason, and I (along with other members of the team that could not be present) are getting ready for the 1000 warriors ride in August which boasts of being the toughest stage of the toughest stage race in America. With 96 miles, 3 major climbs totaling close to 11,000 vertical feet... I think they have every right to claim it.

For our training ride we started at my home (Highland) and went up the Alpine Loop dropping down to Cascade Springs. After a near death on the decent (random guy cut me off sending me off into the bushes... totally pulling a lance, tour de france 03, stage 9) we made our way back out continuing on down, stopping at Sundance to get some agua. After that we toiled our way up Squaw Peak in what seemed oven-like temperatures. That would not be our last climb, we turned around and pushed our way back over the loop. It was roughly 80 miles and I feel it safe to say, well over 10,000 vertical in climbing. Some call it the "super gauntlet" (minus south fork) I just call it painful.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

1000 Warrior Team

I need names and contact info phone #, email address and License numbers of everyone who wants to be on the team. by Thursday night. Just leave a comment on this post.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Summer Games

Eric dominated the road race this weekend.  It was a 60 mile out'n'back course.  Here is a clip of him telling about it.

Friday, June 12, 2009

1000 Warriors slots!!!!!

I recently had lunch with Rick Bennett, who is the organizer of the 1000 warriors, I told him that we had a team and wanted to race the 1000 warriors, but didn't have the funds. He told me that he would welcome our team under his invitation (free of cost). He told me that "we could only do this if we race to win." I told him that we would have 4 or 5 racers working for our two best climbers and would do all we could to get them there.

If we think, we can competitively race, and compete to win the stage I can get us in. I just need to know by the end of next week.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

June 11th Crit Canceled

The Crit is canceled for this week due to the rain. Sorry for the bad news. See you next week

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Spiuk stuff is in at SBR!

Hey all you guys who have helmets, shoes and glasses ordered (so you can look as cool as Mason here), find your way to SBR at your next convenience, talk to Kyle and pay for your stuff so you can be stylin' too.

Remember, "If you are going to Spiuk, Spiuk into this."

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Ceder City Races

We are going to Ceder City for the summer games June 18-20. We want to get a list of everyone that is wanting to go. Leave a comment if you want to go. info:

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Group Ride-Alpine Loop

This morning's group ride started out at SBR and went up over the Alpine loop by way of American Fork Canyon and then down through Provo.  All in all it ended up being about 45 miles.  Here are some pics of the crew.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

UVU Crit Series Races June 4

Here are some pictures from the crit this evening. As promised, there are some from the A&B race also!
There was a good turnout tonight, we had around thirty for the C&D race at 7:00. Thank you to all for coming out and racing. We had an incident-free race tonight with no crashes. Last week was a little rough on some of us. Mike went down, and Kris form Ski Utah split her chin in another. (Best wishes to Kris, and we hope to see her out again soon).
We had a number of teams with good numbers tonight including Canyon Bicycles, Evo Racing, Racer's Cycle Service, and UVU Cycling. Keep getting the word out to your friends, and other cyclists you meet.
Enjoy the pictures.

Kid's Race

A&B Race.

Here are some from the C&D's.