Sunday, August 16, 2009

1000 Warriors Information

Its almost time!
And we have a lot to do this week.

1st order of business:
We are racing at 6:50am and we are Cat 5 - C flite.
We have been granted a follow car for the race but we have three stipulations we must follow. 1. the car must follow the leaders of the race and cannot lag behind to other riders (those guys will have a van at the back to provide for mechanical and broom wagon duties). Since we plan on being in that group this should not be a big deal. 2. The follow car is to act as a "neutral wheel vehicle" and carry spare wheels provided by riders from the whole group in a first come, first served manner. This means only 8-10 sets or until the car is full. That should not be a big deal either. 3. The car can only provide SAG and food/water support for team riders in designated SAG hand-up and feed zones. (get a bottle if you flat while the car services you).

We benefit from having the car in several ways: We insure that the leaders of our team do not flat out and loose time due to punctures or simple mechanicals. We also insure that they are not missing feed zones and musette bags or water etc, because they can get hand-ups from the team car in the designated zones. We can also get tactical advice from the car during SAG and neutral zones.

Dr. Creer will most likely be driving this car.

Second manner of business:
We need several volunteers that are not riding the race to help in the feed zones by handing-up water and food to riders and giving time gap information.
What we need is 3 or 4 folks who feel confident enough to hand musette bags to riders without knocking them off of their bikes!
They will travel from Park City in team cars following the SAG vehicle route to the feed zones in Midway, Sundance, Alpine, Draper, and Little Cottonwood Canyon. Once we arrive at the finish they will have bags for the riders with clothes and food and hopefully be able to provide rides for our guys and their bikes back to Park City.
If you can do this we really need you to volunteer! Talk to Dan or Mason or Dr. Creer and leave a message here if you can!

Number Three:
Packets for riders are going to be available from 3-8:00pm on Thursday the 20th at Canyon Sports in Sandy (106th and State St.). You have to pick up your own packet unless you download the "2009 USA Cycling Event Release Form" and SIGN IT IN INK OR BLOOD and send the original to Canyon Sports with someone else to pick up your packet. You can also get the packet on Friday in Park City Before 8:00pm (see the 1000 Warriors page). But, YOU MUST PICK UP YOUR PACKET!!!
READ THE RACE BIBLE on the 1000 Warriors page to familiarize yourself with the course and the SAG/Feed Zones.

Number Four:
Mason may have connections for us to stay in Park City as a team on Friday - stay tuned for updates in the next two days or so.

Number Five:
Racers need to provide us with food and water bottles to stock your musette bags by Friday. Make a list of what stuff you want where, and we will do our best to get it to you at the right times during the race. Contact Dan or Mason.
Remember that it could be cold at 6:00am on Saturday and it may get nippy coming down AF Canyon so you may want to have sleeves, knees and/or a vest that you can drop off in the feed zone in Alpine or hand-up to the team car (if you are still in the lead group).

That is it for now! We need to get this stuff sorted by Thursday so that we can focus on the details for the race on Friday and Saturday.
Call Dan Mason or Dr. Creer if you can help us out in any way - especially at the SAG and feed zones and giving rides back to Park City!

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GoodWood said...

The House in P.C. has been confirmed by Mason. We will be staying there on Friday night! Yipee.