Friday, March 26, 2010

Hell of the North Registration

Our next race is This weekend, April 3rd. Details can be found at
Last year our team won this race. Lets go back and win both the cat 4 and 5 race this year.
Sign ups are the same. Leave a comment with your name cat. license #.

I will be registering those on this list on Thursday April 1st @ NOON. If you miss the deadline, bring your own monies to the race.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Race entry is complete for b4k

Here is the official list for bikes for kids.
ParticipantEvent / TypePrice
Eric Ellis(All Events)-Collegiate-Collegiate C (Cat 4) Men$60.00
Kenton Neilson(All Events)-Collegiate-Collegiate C (Cat 4) Men$60.00
Matt (whiny) Wilson(All Events)-Collegiate-Collegiate D (Cat 5) Men$60.00
William BroadbentElectric Park Crit 26th-Collegiate-Collegiate C (Cat 4) Men$20.00
cory smith
-Electric Park Crit 26th-Collegiate-Collegiate D (Cat 5) Men
mckay birdB4K HC 27th-Collegiate-Collegiate D (Cat 5) Men$20.00
luke stevensonB4K HC 27th-Collegiate-Collegiate D (Cat 5) Men$20.00
Danny WaltersB4K HC 27th-Collegiate-Collegiate D (Cat 5) Men$20.00
Mason LawB4K HC 27th-Collegiate-Collegiate C (Cat 4) Men$20.00
PAT TerryDaybreak Circuit Race 27th-Collegiate-Collegiate C (Cat 4) Men$20.00
Mason LawDaybreak Circuit Race 27th-Collegiate-Collegiate C (Cat 4) Men$20.00
mckay birdDaybreak Circuit Race 27th-Collegiate-Collegiate D (Cat 5) Men$20.00
Mason LawDaybreak Circuit Race 27th-Collegiate-Collegiate D (Cat 5) Men$20.00
cory smithDaybreak Circuit Race 27th-Collegiate-Collegiate D (Cat 5) Men$20.00
luke stevensonDaybreak Circuit Race 27th-Collegiate-Collegiate D (Cat 5) Men$20.00
Danny WaltersDaybreak Circuit Race 27th-Collegiate-Collegiate D (Cat 5) Men$20.00

If you want to add another person or event you must do it yourself at or day of check the b4k website for details. Good luck

Sunday, March 21, 2010


If your planning on racing the U of U race on March 26th-27th (Friday and Saturday of this week) leave a comment on this blog with your name, LICENSE #and which events you will be doing. If your info is not on the list, you will not be registered.
Registration will occur Thursday @ Noon. If you miss this cutoff, BRING YOUR OWN MONEY TO THE RACE.
Each of the 3 races cost $20. Please check with Matt Wilson to make certain your fundraising efforts will cover this cost, if not, go sell some shirts.
Info for this race is at
Because registration for Tour of the Depot was such a pain this will be the new way to sign up for races.

Last order of business.

Our kits are not scheduled to be in until mid April (I know, it sucks!), If you are racing with us then I would suggest being the first to call, Dan Woodward, Mike Woodward, Alex Fenstermaker, or anyone else who has a Jersey and isn't racing, to see if you can borrow it for the race.


Monday, March 8, 2010

Tour del Sol

Last minute push to get a team together for Tour del Sol this weekend. It should be excellent training for our first collegiate race in two weeks. We will leave Friday early evening and return Sunday evening. Check out the race at

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Saturdays Group ride

Here are the ride details for Saturday. Kenton is the group ride leader. Feel free to call him with questions. (801)623-0785

> We will meet at 12:00 noon at the Sizzler in south Provo (1385 South University Avenue). From there we will ride out through Springville, Palmyra, Lake Shore, around West Mountain and back. In all we will do 54.7 miles and 750 feet of climbing total. This ride is mostly flat with one short climb around the south side of the mountain. This ride includes the route we will be doing for the conference finals this year. We want to make sure that we will dominate that race so let's get familiar with the course. The weather will be great so come out and ride. I've attached maps and charts to get your appetite up for this one.
> If you would send this out to the crew that would be awesome!
> Thanks man.
> Kenton


Monday, March 1, 2010

Upcoming Race Schedule

This Saturday March 6th, is the first mountain bike race of the season, it is in St George.
The first road race of the season is the following Sat- Sun March 13-14. It will be an omnium (TT, criterium, road race) and will count for upgrade points on your license, however, it is not on our college schedule. It would be an excellent race to get your feet wet and start learning about tactics and strategies associated with road racing. It will also help to gain some top end fitness that is so hard to get outside of racing.
We already have a small group going down for the mountain bike race.
If you are interested in doing either of these races contact Pat at 801-898-1000 or post a reply on this board.
If Neither of these events interest you the remember our first college race is March 25-26th