Friday, March 26, 2010

Hell of the North Registration

Our next race is This weekend, April 3rd. Details can be found at
Last year our team won this race. Lets go back and win both the cat 4 and 5 race this year.
Sign ups are the same. Leave a comment with your name cat. license #.

I will be registering those on this list on Thursday April 1st @ NOON. If you miss the deadline, bring your own monies to the race.


Shea Kendall said...

Shea Kendall cat 5 #310542

Anonymous said...

Mason Law is in for sheezy!
Cat 4
License 290430

Matthew said...

Matthew Wilson
(Not Matt (whiny) Wilson)
Cat 5

Kenton Nielson said...

Kenton Nielson
Cat 5, D

Luke Stevenson said...

Luke kick ass Stevenson

(the one that beat whiny on the hills)

Cat 5, Licence # 311180

Luke Stevenson said...

Danny "I WILL PULL YOUR ASS" Walters

posting from Luke "KICK ASS" Stevenson's Macbook


Luke Stevenson said...

D money is cat 5

Pat said...

Sorry ladies you dont get to pick your own nick name
Sorry whiny thats your name.