Friday, May 22, 2009

UVU Powerhouse Crit May 21st

We had another great week out at the UVU Criterium Thursday night, and a great turnout for both races. There were 28 starters in the 7pm flite! A big thank you is in store for those of you who have come out to race and to volunteer. Keep telling your friends, and come have fun racing. Here are a few pictures from the 7pm flite (sorry to the guys who raced at six - I promise to get some pictures up for you guys within the next few weeks).

Evo Racing and Racer's Cycle Service both brought out good teams this week and Racer's took home the win from the A and B flite.

Evo Racing did a great job in the C and D flite and led a quick moving breakaway group nearly from start to finish. UVU's Andy Earl took advantage of the good work being done in the breakaway and sprinted for the win at the end. The C&D's averaged 23.5 mph this week - screaming!

Here are some pictures - enjoy!

The C&D flite gets rolling.

The large field takes the first of the racing laps.

Evo Racing pushes the pace in the early laps. Mason and Andy follow.

Dan and Mike pace the second group and watch as Mason and Andy mark the breakaway.

Mike cruising on the front of the main group.

Andy follows two Evo Racing riders toward the end of the race.

Dan and Mike lead the C&D main group. (Dan takes a drink in the corner?)

Mason fends for himself between the two major groups of the race.

Andy follows the breakaway group through the bell lap.

Thanks again for all who helped, and all who came out to race! See you guys next week!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Criterium blog is coming soon.

Pat is setting up a blog page for the Crit Series at You will be able to check points standings and finish results as soon as it is up and running. Keep your ear to the ground for the official launch.
Keep letting people know of the UVU Criterium series so we can have increased turnouts each week. I think that we can have an excellent Criterium in Utah County, and we are well on our way! Just let your friends know, and keep coming out to race!
See you guys there tomorrow!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Team meeting, BBQ

Just a reminder about the BBQ tonight. The email about the BBQ follows

We are having a club BBQ and meeting this week. The needed info is listed below. The purpose of the meeting is to celebrate the progress we've had this year, as well as discuss summer plans. There will be grilled chicken and burgers. If you want to bring some sides/treats with you, it would be appreciated. As always if there is any thing unclear, feel free to call. (BTW, I'm back in the galaxy). You can also ask questions at the crit this Thursday.
When: Friday, May 15th 7:00 pm
Where: Mark's House 765 Sunny Lane (Just East of UVU, off of 800 South)

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Criterium racing is in full-swing at UVU!

Today was the second edition of the UVU Criterium here on campus. We had a great turnout for the first true week of summer. I think that it will really take off in the next few races! We had few more A's and B's riding this week, and I think that everyone enjoyed the course this week as well. The C-D race was quick this week averaging 22.5 mph, and we had three UVU riders in the top ten, Including Andy Earl's Win and Mike's 5th place. Here are a few pictures.

The breakaway goes right from the gun led by Joel.

Mike digging into a corner hard.

Dan leading the pursuit of the three breakaway riders.

Andy Earl looking strong as the Tete de Course.

Joel stuck in "no-man's land" with eight minute to go.

Dan leading the main group - still trying to catch the leaders.

May 7th marked the start of Crit racing at UVU. You can read about the race in a blog below, but here are a few pictures for your enjoyment.

The race gets running with a host of UVU riders at the head.

The peleton stretches out through the turns.

Dan and Andy lead the main group on the third lap

Andy charging hard and leading the race.

Pat taking the final turn up to finish while trying to bridge a gap midrace.

Dan sprinting up the homestretch

Pat overtaking another rider.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Team member spotted in last years Tour!

It took me a while to realize this but while looking through some of our team pictures from the other week it seems as though one of our team members was riding for Barloworld last year in the TDF. He almost scored a stage win in stage five behind the dominating Mark Cavendish. Check out the pictures!
Although he has been hitting the "Energy Drinks" pretty hard since last years Tour, the resemblance is still uncanny!

On the right of "The Cav" in the Tour De France Stage 5.

On the team picture ride a few weeks ago.

And another - notice the gratuitous consumption of "energy drink" during the ride.

Sunday, May 10, 2009


The UVU crit series started this week. It was a great first week, 35 racers. There were 3 flights raced: kids, 1 2 3, and 4 5. The Kids got it started with a nice five lap ride. The big guns came out with the 1 2 3s. They picked up the pace and raced extremely fast around the twisting course. The pack stayed together for the fist 5 laps. The pace picked up and it broke the group into a lot of smaller groups. With the tight corners and strong head wind it made it very difficult to make up ground and the leaders.
The cat 4 and5s raced for 30 minutes. They again stayed together for the first 15 minutes then the pace took off and strong out the field and people began to fall off the back. Again the twisting course and head wind played major factors in deciding the final. On the bell lap a BYU ride broke away at the beginning of the lap, and this was the winning move. Andy Earl of UVU came in second. Best wishes to Pat (UVU) with a quick recovery from his crash. Only two riders went down the whole day.
We are very excited about the potential of the series. And look forward to the weeks to come.
The series is held Thursday night with registration starting at 5 p.m. in the "free" pack lot in the most north-west corner of campus