Sunday, May 10, 2009


The UVU crit series started this week. It was a great first week, 35 racers. There were 3 flights raced: kids, 1 2 3, and 4 5. The Kids got it started with a nice five lap ride. The big guns came out with the 1 2 3s. They picked up the pace and raced extremely fast around the twisting course. The pack stayed together for the fist 5 laps. The pace picked up and it broke the group into a lot of smaller groups. With the tight corners and strong head wind it made it very difficult to make up ground and the leaders.
The cat 4 and5s raced for 30 minutes. They again stayed together for the first 15 minutes then the pace took off and strong out the field and people began to fall off the back. Again the twisting course and head wind played major factors in deciding the final. On the bell lap a BYU ride broke away at the beginning of the lap, and this was the winning move. Andy Earl of UVU came in second. Best wishes to Pat (UVU) with a quick recovery from his crash. Only two riders went down the whole day.
We are very excited about the potential of the series. And look forward to the weeks to come.
The series is held Thursday night with registration starting at 5 p.m. in the "free" pack lot in the most north-west corner of campus

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