Friday, May 22, 2009

UVU Powerhouse Crit May 21st

We had another great week out at the UVU Criterium Thursday night, and a great turnout for both races. There were 28 starters in the 7pm flite! A big thank you is in store for those of you who have come out to race and to volunteer. Keep telling your friends, and come have fun racing. Here are a few pictures from the 7pm flite (sorry to the guys who raced at six - I promise to get some pictures up for you guys within the next few weeks).

Evo Racing and Racer's Cycle Service both brought out good teams this week and Racer's took home the win from the A and B flite.

Evo Racing did a great job in the C and D flite and led a quick moving breakaway group nearly from start to finish. UVU's Andy Earl took advantage of the good work being done in the breakaway and sprinted for the win at the end. The C&D's averaged 23.5 mph this week - screaming!

Here are some pictures - enjoy!

The C&D flite gets rolling.

The large field takes the first of the racing laps.

Evo Racing pushes the pace in the early laps. Mason and Andy follow.

Dan and Mike pace the second group and watch as Mason and Andy mark the breakaway.

Mike cruising on the front of the main group.

Andy follows two Evo Racing riders toward the end of the race.

Dan and Mike lead the C&D main group. (Dan takes a drink in the corner?)

Mason fends for himself between the two major groups of the race.

Andy follows the breakaway group through the bell lap.

Thanks again for all who helped, and all who came out to race! See you guys next week!


Anonymous said...

Hey, I left my seat pack at the crit. I went back on Saturday to see if I could find it and mine wasn't there but one that looks very similar to mine was, so I have someone's seat pack. It is a Specialized pack with a tube, tool, and CO2 dispenser and cartridge in it. It had been opened so I can't guarentee that someone didn't steal some money or something else out of it. And if anyone happened to pick up my pack by accident let me know. Thanks! Russ 226-3493

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