Thursday, January 27, 2011

West Mountain Training Ride - 1.29.11

Shave your legs, it’s time to ride!

I know everyone’s been waiting for the weather to be good enough to do a group ride and this Saturday looks awesome!

Where: Meet at Pat’s house
888 Crescent Drive
Mapleton, UT 84664

When: 11:45 AM Pre Ride Meetup

We have a few guys who need to get back in time to go to work so the noon rollout will be strictly enforced. If you miss us at Pat’s house you can catch up with us at the Benjamin Church.

Kat has even agreed to make us some food for after the ride. SWEET!

Preparation: Make sure to bring your own water (2 bottles), food, Spare tubes CO2/Pump and dress warm with layers you can remove if needed.

Pretty Easy Route – 46 total miles very flat with a few mild climbs. This ride is designed to give us good base miles to get us ready for Saint George training camp in February.

If anyone need a ride down to Pat’s house let’s carpool. I live close to campus & I’ve got space on top of my car for a 2 bikes and one in the trunk.