Friday, June 11, 2010

Group Ride from SBR Sports

First off:
Be sure to keep Dr Creer and his family in your thoughts and prayers as DC recovers from his accident. I'm sure he would appreciate a contact to let him know we are all behind him 100%.

There are two new weekly ride options for us to join in on, both depart from SBR Sports. The ride times are Saturday at 9:30 am and Tuesday at 5:30 pm. These will be good group rides to get into, and riders will get 10% off of all the goodies at SBR on ride days! Check out the SBR page at the following for more info:

Train and race safely.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Miller Motorsports Park

A circuit race takes place twice a month out in Tooele, this was our first time out there and it ended up being a pretty good time. It is a perfect course with mellow corners and it ends up being pretty fast. Eric Ellis had a really strong race and took 1st by a long shot in the B group. He even dropped a the majority of the A group that remained after a crash.

Mason had a solid 4th place finish in the C flight. Good job guys!