Thursday, October 22, 2009

Group rides.

It is simple...come on group rides. Why? because they are awesome. Tonight we did South Fork and it was beautiful. We even happened upon a moose and her calf. There aren't many more of these this year so get out while you still can.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Meeting for Team Members

There will be a meeting for those interested in participating in Team Racing this Fall and Spring at SBR Sports on Thursday at 7:30pm.
We will hopefully have water bottles and t-shirts for you to pick up if you have paid your club dues.
We will also have the ride schedules and phone numbers sheets for those of you who have paid dues. If you have not paid dues you need to before Wednesday night if you want to be on the contact and ride schedule sheet!!!
If you cannot make it to the meeting we will be e-mailing the ride sheet and contact list to everyone who has paid their club dues.
The meeting will be an intro to the shop and shop owner, Kyle, who is our team sponsor. We will ask him if he will say a few words and let you know about how he can help us out. If you haven't met him I would encourage you to come to the meeting or slip by the shop soon.
We will also talk about future racing plans, cyclocross season, and fundraising and service events that we will be hosting and participating in for the rest of the semester.
The meeting should be about an hour long (after we get everyone there - so try and be on time).
Please make every possible effort to be in attendance on Thursday.
Thanks guys! Keep riding hard!