Thursday, August 13, 2009

heritage school gauntlet ride

The Heritage School in Provo is hosting a ride of the Provo Canyon "Gauntlet" ride this Saturday, and we have been invited to attend as a team.
The ride will cost us $10.00 a piece, and starts in Provo at 8am.
The ride goes up the canyon, turns up Squaw Peak, goes to Vivian and South Fork and then up Sundance to the Alpine Summit. From there we have the option of heading down AF Canyon and up Suncrest, or turning around and going back to Provo.
I think that it will be a good "dry run" of the killer climb of the 1000 Warriors course, and a good training ride for those who are doing the 1000 Warriors race.
Let me know if there is interest in doing this ride so we can get signed up in the next few days.

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Joel said...

Hey do we have a SAG for 1000 warriors?