Saturday, July 25, 2009

UVU Cycling Club Officers

It is almost time to elect new officers for the 2009-2010 school year.

We need to elect at least three new officers:
A Vice President, a Secretary/Webmaster, and a Treasurer.

The Vice President needs to have at least 12 credit hours each semester this coming year, and should preferably be an underclassmen that can take over the presidency of the cycling team next year (and begin training the next VP to do the same in 2011). The VP will be the most involved and time consuming position of the three, and will have similar duties to the president of the club. These duties include continuing the progress of the cycling club at UVU by:
-Planning and hosting events, races and training.
-Communicating with USA Cycling and planning the Collegiate Racing seasons.
-Attending meetings with our Club Advisor and other club officers.
-Planning service projects and school special events such as club rush.
-Many other duties as specified by the president and club advisor.

The Secretary/Webmaster will be involved with the management of all communications within the club and team (e-mails, contact lists, etc) and the upkeep of the new Cycling Club and Team Webpage.
They will also be responsible for the marketing and advertising needs of the club and team. (This includes the distribution of printed material to club members and creating and posting race/event fliers).

The Treasurer of the Club will be responsible for the accounting of the club funds. They will be responsible for coordinating with the club advisor and school officials, vendors, sponsors, and others concerning funding for club and team events and equipment. They will oversee (under the direction of the president and club advisor) the ordering of club equipment, jerseys and other items and insuring their distribution to club and team members. They will also be responsible for collecting and recording money for the club produced through fund raising and other special events.

What we need to do at this time is create a ballot for voting at an upcoming team meeting. In order to do this we need nominations. What we would like to do is have everyone post their nominations for the three positions in this post over the next week. You can nominate yourself (in fact, we want to encourage this because it insures that you actually WANT to be an official) or you can nominate someone else. We need to take this seriously though! The future of the cycling club depends on it!
If you are nominated by someone else we will contact you before putting your name on the ballot to insure that you are willing to serve in the position you have been nominated for.

We are not voting for these positions now! We are just accepting nominations for the positions. Once someone has been nominated for a position we do not need to nominate them again - unless they are being nominated for a different position. We will compile a ballot and members of the club and team will vote anonymously in an upcoming team meeting.

Crank it to eleven!


GoodWood said...

I nominate Pat Terry for VP.
I nominate Dan Woodward for Sec./Webmaster
I nominate Alex Fenstermaker for Treasurer.
"So let it be written, so let it be done."

Anonymous said...

There are some peeps I want to nominate, but I'll talk with them first. I am just making this post so everyone is aware there will be other chances to help out. We may even want to make more postions.

Anonymous said...

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