Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Spiuk stuff is in at SBR!

Hey all you guys who have helmets, shoes and glasses ordered (so you can look as cool as Mason here), find your way to SBR at your next convenience, talk to Kyle and pay for your stuff so you can be stylin' too.

Remember, "If you are going to Spiuk, Spiuk into this."


Joel said...

where are all the stickers?

Dr. Creer said...

If you are gonna quote it, at least put who said it.

GoodWood said...

We will get going on some stickers for helmets as soon as I pick mine up and can use it for dimensions.

Dr. Creer-
I thought that this quote should be known as "common cyclist knowledge" and would stand without citation. If you guys are still wondering, here is a big hint - "W. World" and I don't mean WalMart.

Examples of other quotes that should go without citation (from the same source - but not necessarily the same person)

"AHHH It's sucking my will to live!"
"Excuse me...I'd Like to get by now."
"Pardon me, do you have any Grey Poupon?"
"It might happen....Tsshyeah right, and monkeys might fly out of my butt."

If you still need help identifying the above mentioned quotes your membership in the cycling club has been put under review. You may be subject to permanent suspension and like Alejandro Valverde, you will not be racing the the Tour de France this year!


Joel said...

How about "You can kiss me on the veranda. No, the lips will be fine."

GoodWood said...

"Lookuphere, Lookuphere, Lookuphere...Hey you guys!"

"You wanna die with a man's gun, not a little sissy gun like this."

"My guess is this is the singing bush."

Anonymous said...

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