Thursday, June 4, 2009

UVU Crit Series Races June 4

Here are some pictures from the crit this evening. As promised, there are some from the A&B race also!
There was a good turnout tonight, we had around thirty for the C&D race at 7:00. Thank you to all for coming out and racing. We had an incident-free race tonight with no crashes. Last week was a little rough on some of us. Mike went down, and Kris form Ski Utah split her chin in another. (Best wishes to Kris, and we hope to see her out again soon).
We had a number of teams with good numbers tonight including Canyon Bicycles, Evo Racing, Racer's Cycle Service, and UVU Cycling. Keep getting the word out to your friends, and other cyclists you meet.
Enjoy the pictures.

Kid's Race

A&B Race.

Here are some from the C&D's.

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