Saturday, September 19, 2009


We are going to be doing the ULCER ride tonight in the dark!

The ride is about 100 miles in length, so come prepared for a long one.

There will be a support car driving with us for food for the UVU guys. We are planning on about 10-12 guys.

Bring a light for your helmet or bike (or both) and a red taillight. We don't want anyone hit by a car, or riding into giant pot holes.

We will be meeting at the east parking lot (just to the east of the Computer Science Building and the UVU airplane.) at 6 PM.

Plan on being 6 hours on the road.

I think that we are going to ride the course counter-clockwise (the opposite of the normal ULCER route).

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Anonymous said...

what the heck? thats funny. have fun guys, id go but I didnt know and climbed my butt off today