Monday, September 28, 2009

Cyclocross Introduction Ride & Clinic

Cross season is fast approaching and we are looking forward to fielding a team for our local cyclocross race series.
Cross is THE ticket for those of you wanting to get into racing on the road in the spring-time.
On Thursday night at 6pm we will be meeting at Campus (I'll update the location soon) for a short cross clinic, demonstration and ride. We will have a couple of guys who have cross experience there to answer questions, and talk about racing. We will also have information about converting your road bike to race cross or using a mountain bike.
Bring your bicycle and jump some barriers or learn to dismount and remount on the run! Cross bikes and mountain bikes if you have them. If you don't have one yet, bring your road bike, you can still learn a ton!
If you have any interest in cross racing come out Thursday night and have some fun with us!


Anonymous said...

sounds sweet Ill be there

Rio's Rider said...

Please keep me posted on the location...even though I'm in no shape to race 'cross right now, I do have some people I'd like to bring to this practice.

Thanks for putting this together!

Anonymous said...

The clinic will take place at 6 pm Thursday in the J lot.