Sunday, April 26, 2009

RMCCC Conference Finals

The UVU Cycling team participated in the RMCCC conference final this weekend. The team raced in all three events, team time trial( TTT), Crit, and Road race. Saturday morning started with the TTT. It was raining and cold, the road was very wet and slick. We race two teams of three, Mason, Jeff, Joel, and Dan, Alex, Mike. Team one rolled out first and did a great job catching their minute team and putting up a time of 42:02, even with a crash from Mason. Team two rolled out three minutes behind them. They caught their two minute team and posted a time of 42:48. The times were good enough for 4th and 5th places.

In the afternoon the team went to the Salt Lake DMV to race in a crit. Again the rain started just before the race, making conditions slick and wet. The crit was a 30 min race around the driving course and parking lot with a short steep hill in the middle, just to make this interesting. The race held a fast pace and this cost a number of the team member to be pulled for the race. Pat and Mason made it to the end and finished in the lead group. Way to go guys.

Sunday morning a few team members went back to Miller Motorsport park to race the road race. This was a circuit around the race track. The team finish in good fashion and had a good showing.

All in all this weekend was a lot of fun and the team had a great experience. We will post some pictures as soon as we get some.

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