Saturday, April 4, 2009

Hell Of The North

Congratulations to Pat Terry scoring the first win for the UVU Cycling team. The race was cold, wet and muddy ot to mention the horizontal snow. Pat and Mason started right out of the gates with a hard attack that lasted well into the first of five laps. In the middle of the second lap the peloton split into two groups and then again into two more. If the pace of the race didn't get you then it was the the head wind or the cross wind or the mud or a nice combination of the three. On the last lap Pat was sitting in the middle of the peloton when attacks started to happen. He jumped onto the wheel of a attacker and followed him all the way to the win. Way to go Pat and the rest of the team. offical result will be posted later a long with some pictures. Jeff did well in the Cat 4 race even with a crash.

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