Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Rides for the week.
Tuesday at 3pm is still the same - meet in the J parking lot at UVU. Paceline is the word of the day.
Wednesday - there is a Blue rep. in town ta SBR and he is doing demo rides all day Wednesday, and then Kyle at hosting a meeting at the shop at 7pm. To accommodate riders that want to test out some bikes and attend the meeting with the rep, we will be departing from SBR (4th north and State St. Orem)for the group ride on Wednesday at 5pm.
We made this change for the Wednesday ride so you can ride the Blue bicycles before the ride, and attend the meeting afterward.
Remember to stay out of the "red zone" at the end of the week because we have the TTT and collegiate criterium at the University of Utah on Saturday, and a road race on Sunday.

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