Friday, July 2, 2010

UVU Crits!!!

UVU crits start this Monday July 5th, Two really cool things this year.
We got a new way better course. It is dead flat, 1.2 mile Closed Course, Brand New Asphalt,
The course is 4 corners and two of the four are double wide roundabouts.

At first we will offer 3 races, Kids category at 5 pm, cats 4,5 at 6pm and cats 1,2,3 at 7pm. As attendance increases, so will the categories.

2nd thing thats really cool.
We dont wanna make money off this crit. We just want to promote cycling, Especially in the big UC. So we are offering a 100% payout. We have to pay usacycling for each rider, refs, and for EMT's. But after those are paid all the other monies will be put back into paying out cash purses.

Also, we believe its kinda lame to just pay the top 3 riders, so we are stretching it out 6 deep.

Finally, SBR will offer Prime lap prizes. Both races will have a Prime lap of $10 cash!!!

Crit is near Vineyard Park in Orem Approx 200 s. I will post the flyer as soon as I get it.

Bring your friends!!!!! The more people who come the more we can pay out!!!


Anonymous said...

Can I race in the cat 3's without a license? I used to be a 3, but now I race mountain bikes.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

USA cycling rules say that you must have a license to race any categorized race. It is well worth it to buy a license as opposed to buying one day license at 10 bucks a pop.

Anonymous said...

What is the entry fee?

Anonymous said...

Is there any way we could change this criterium to Thursday? I can't make it on Mondays and many locals are doing the vineyard crit (for fun) and TT (near vineyard) on Thursday nights. You would get a much, much better turnout guaranteed. Can we please move it to Thursdays?

Stacey J said...

If the flyer isn't available by this weekend, could you give a more concise address? I'd love to hit next week's race, but don't have a solid idea as to where on 200s. Vineyard park is.

Steven said...

When is the next one?

Anonymous said...

You really ought to move the crit to Thursday nights. There was about 25 guys there last night doing a crit for fun... that was much more than the Monday turnout. Thurs crits = more racers!