Saturday, February 13, 2010

Let The Outdoor Rides Begin.

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Activity Details for
West Mountain ride
Saturday the 20th group ride starts @ Pat Terry' house (Mapleton) @ 10 am. 50 miles of mostly flat. It will be around our collegiate championship course. Remember to bring your own food h20 and extra tube w/ CO2. And someone bring Matt Wilson one too because he doesn't think he needs to bring his own. (but he will buy you breakfast) If after 50 your still frisky then we'll put you on some 14% Maple Canyon action.
Call Pat for details. (click on green link above for google earth image and elevation profile)

Monday the 15th Matt Wilson will be ride leader for a Utah lake century. 100 miles of fun. Ride will start @ casa de Matt
Matt Wilson

Thanks everyone for getting there kit orders in. Time should start tickin for Blackbottoms later this week.
Lastly, our hydrostatic fundraiser was our best fundraiser yet. We were able to put $15 bucks an hour into everyone how helped racing account, and another $520.00 into the team account on top of all that. Thanks guys. We couldn't have done it without all your help.


Codinaduty said...

what estimate did they give on when the kits would arrive?

Anonymous said...

we should have them before bikes 4 kids race on march 27th

Kenton said...

I'll be there! I hope the weather forcast changes Says High of 38 and Snowing for Saturday. I'll call you Friday night and see what we're looking like for the ride. I might even bring Matt's tube.